Mastery of Life through Yoga & Ayurveda

vedic healer | yoga therapy training

with master teacher laura plumb

Yoga therapies based on the Vedic system of the Five Koshas, energetic anatomy, restorative asana, and self empowerment.

Includes additional 1-day Clinic working with clients, plus two group coaching conferences via phone.

the koshas: five veils of the soul

According to the Vedic Wisdom of the koshas, we are composed of five layers, or sheaths, moving from the outer physical body to more subtle energetic, intuitive, and spiritual realms of being. The Yoga path of Self-realization is one of progressively moving inward to ultimately experience the wisdom and purity at the center of our consciousness.

 Medical professionals recognize the power of yoga and meditation therapies, inviting therapists into the clinical setting.


about laura plumb

Laura Plumb, co-founder of Deep Yoga, is a master teacher of Ayurveda, Jyotish and Yoga.

She is a graduate of the Kerala Ayurveda Academy of India, the American Institute of Vedic Studies, and is an ERYT-500 with Yoga Alliance.

Laura's blog, Food-A Love Story is internationally heralded as a source of a conscious, spiritual approach to nutrition and honoring mother earth.

More about Laura at

consciousness: the inner healer

Meditation not only calms and expands your mind, meditation heals. It helps you find the truth that can set you free: free from pain, turmoil, anxiety, negativity. Meditation leads to an open mind, a loving heart, an affirming attitude, a grounded sense of belonging and being. It guides you to your dharma, unfolding your life purpose. 

Our Pure Presence Healing accesses the meditative state and channels it towards deep healing and wellness for you, your students and your clients. I will equip you to work one-on-one in therapy sessions. Includes: Healing Meditations, Postures & Mudras, Deep Yoga "Pure Presence" Techniques, Meditation for Stress Reduction and Pain Management, Science of the Brain, Frequency & Cohesion.

yoga therapy: the six phases of healing trauma

More and more mind body scientists are appreciating what many trauma survivors have already discovred: that Yoga has a profound power to heal even the most terrifying wounds. Learn our six steps to healing trauma - Finding Safety; Toggling Awareness; Navigating Self; Reframe the Blame - Right Appropriation; Embodied Self-Acceptance; Empowered Service, and applied techniques including:

     •    Breathwork

     •    Somatic healing techniques

     •    Yoga Nidra 

     •    Dynamic Communication


Yoga Therapy

Asana & Pranayama

October 5-9


Meditation, Trauma

Therapeutic Applications  

November 6-10

Bring the time-tested wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, arising from the ancient Vedas, fully into a healing arts and therapeutic practice through this special program. You will learn and experience the transformative science of Vedic Healing, be certified to work with clients, serve others, and experience your own healing and personal growth.

Our Deep Yoga Therapy Trainings are based on the Koshas, or Five Veils of the Soul. Understanding and bringing each layer into greater balance and harmony, we move towards healing and wholeness in body, mind and spirit.


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certification & group discounts

Upon graduation from these two levels you will receive a 150-hour Deep Yoga Vedic Therapy certificate.

All course hours are applicable to our Deep Yoga 500-hour training certification.

*We offer group discounts. If you have 2 or more friends who would like to attend,or are interested in taking courses individually  please email Laura:


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A Training Program to Ignite Healing Through Yoga Science

Level Two Course runs Fri-Tues 9am - 5pm

Location: Coronado Island, CA

Level One Course runs Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Location: Coronado Island, CA