Mastery of Life through Yoga & Ayurveda

retreat, rejuvenate, rejoice

Each year I am honored to teach at special events, workshops, retreats, conferences, and trainings around the world.

I am  deeply grateful to have special relationships with the International Yoga Festival in India.

I also work with major medical groups and universities, presenting keynote talks on Integrative Medicine, Vedic Wisdom, Body/Mind/Spirit Medicine, Yoga and Ayurveda.

My heartfelt intention is to share the miracle of healing, personal growth, and self-empowerment that can be experienced through the principles and deeper practices of Vedic Science.

I seek to guide you into finding your inner power and connecting with the inherent wisdom of your soul, for within each of us resides the greatest guru we will ever know. This is the very essence of Deep Yoga.

Through cultivating this connection, you unlock your capacity to heal to your maximum potential, turn obstacles into opportunities, unfold your most authentic self, and manifest your fullest potential with a sense of vibrancy, joy, and celebration.

hope you will join us soon for a Deep Yoga experience.

Laura Plumb