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deep yoga 500 hour training

Deep Yoga offers 200-hour and 500-hour certification programs. Those who have completed our 200-hour Mastery Yoga Teacher Training are eligible for the 500-hour program. Students who hold a 200-hour certification from another Yoga Teacher Training are also eligible for 500-hour certification but must take a minimum of three Deep Yoga Teacher Training Intensives.

As a 500-hour Deep Yoga Teacher you will have the tools to grow your career and serve others as a healing guide, providing Vedic Wisdom and Yoga Therapy to your clients. You will also have the tools to hold advanced workshops and seminars as well as teach Yoga classes. The course requirements listed on the downloadable PDF below are essential components of our 500-hour program. For pricing your individualized program, please email:

education & experientials

          Vedic Philosophy & History

     •   Aligning with the Core Principles of Deep Yoga

     •     Creating and Nurturing a Daily Practice

     •     Theory and Application of Ayurveda

     •     Vedic Nutrition for Healing and Wholeness

     •     Pranayama for Personal Practice & Teaching

     •     Meditation for Personal Practice & Teaching

     •     Mantra, Mudra & Bandha

     •     Deep Yoga Asana Style and Teaching Principles

     •     The Art of Sequencing and Languaging Classes

     •     Adjustments, Assisting, and Pose Variations

     •     Establishing a Career as a Teacher


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download pdf of courses & requirements